Join our customized pond and lake management programs! No cookie cutter programs here! Every pond is different, so our programs should be too.


Offering both decorative fountains and functional aeration systems! 5 lines of fountains and aeration systems offered!

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Invasive weeds such as phragmites are difficult to control, degrade natural habitats and block beautiful water views. Reclaim your shoreline today by joining our shoreline management program!

See what Lake Source customers are saying.

“After 15 years of looking at pond scum all summer and spending way too much money on products with no results...I decided to call Lake Source. Wow! Pond looks spectacular. Turtles, frogs, fish, and birds are healthy and happy. Could not be more pleased!” - Leslie M.

Lake Source LLC has made lasting partnerships with some of the best names in the country.

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Lake Source is committed to advancing our companies education and technology in the aquatic industry. Lake Source is a proud member of The Society Of Lake Management Professionals

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